Redshift 3.5.23 (2024.01) - January 11, 2024

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated
  • [C4D] Fixed bug where certain sequences of scene edits could lead to a crash primarily during IPR
  • [C4D] Fixed regression in the 2024 plugin that prevented assets in node materials from working
  • [Maya] Fixed bug that prevented the RS MatteShadow node from connecting to other shaders during scene translation
  • [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 20.0.547 and dropped support for 19.5.752
  • [Houdini] Improved stability after fixing several issues in the Viewport and RenderView IPR rendering code
  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could cause a crash on exit from the RenderView on H20.0
  • [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 20.0.547 and dropped support for 19.5.752

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