Maxon App 2024.1.0 - November 29, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y

This major release for the Maxon App includes many new features, as well as major UI changes.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Perpetual license products are now in their own section, and no longer offer an option to update into unlicensed versions.
  • Localization Updates: Windows users now have a localized login page based on the language set through the GUI. Mac localization to come later.
  • The notice to update your Maxon App now contains the version number available to update into.
  • The product list has been rearranged as follows:
    • Cinema 4D
    • Team Render Server*
    • C4D Commandline
    • ZBrush
    • ZBrush Core*
    • Redshift
    • Universe**
    • Red Giant
      • Magic Bullet
      • PluralEyes
      • Trapcode
      • Universe
      • VFX
        * Visible only if the user has license(s) for it.
        ** Visible only if the user has standalone license(s) for it.
  • C4D Commandline Product Added into the Maxon App GUI, and can now be assigned licenses through the ellipsis menu across from the product.
    • C4D Commandline does not have install/uninstall or Info/Learn More options.
    • This applies to both RLM and Maxon Account mode.
  • Red Giant tools are now listed in a collapsible category within the Product Grid.
    • If no Red Giant license is available, a Buy button will be shown.
    • Users can click Learn More to be directed to more information on the Maxon website.
    • Customers with Standalone Universe subscriptions will see Universe as a separate line item above Red Giant.
    • Red Giant tools are no longer referred to as "Suites."
    • If no Red Giant tools are installed, or if only some tools are installed with no updates available, RG will show "Install" text.
  • Maxon Account Mode Product Grid
    • Features a grid broken out into multiple sections:
      • Subscription products: only takes into account subscriptions from MyMaxon.
      • Perpetual products: Includes text indicating that all perpetual products are version-locked, and instructions on how to upgrade. If a perpetual licenses via MyMaxon, the product name and a perpetual license version will be displayed.
        • Installed Version: Only shows if the version installed is licensed by a perpetual license.
        • License Tooltip: Orange icon shows if it's needing a license assignment. Green for assigned.
        • Update Button: Only shows if the product version is lower than the most recent version licensed by the perpetual license.
        • Up-to-Date text is not shown regardless of which version of the product is installed.
        • ZBrush 2023 Perpetuals
          • Full license ZBrush 2023.0.x, allowing users to use ZBrush 2023.1x or higher, but new features are disabled.
          • Therefore ZBrush 2023 perpetual is considered to license all of v2023.
          • If ZBrush 2023.1.x or higher is installed, the license tooltip will show Partial License to indicate this special case.
          • If no ZBrush is installed (or v2023.0x is installed), then Partial License label will not be shown in the license tooltip.
      • Serials. Only applicable to Red Giant products. Shows the Red Giant tool, followed by the version licensed by the serial.
        • If the Maxon App detects a user may have a Redshift node-locked license, Redshift will be listed at the bottom of the list, with a tooltip "Possible Perpetual Node-Locked license."
      • Mobile Apps
  • Note: This release removes the ability to provide Red Giant serial numbers. To regain this ability, contact support for a serial entry tool.

Bug Fixes

  • Maxon App name fixed in About Box acknowledgements.
  • Team Render no longer has Install/Uninstall options, as it is installed as part of C4D and does not have a separate installer.
  • Fixed a blank alert that would show up when RLM license was released.
  • C4D Lite banner no longer appears in RLM mode.
  • Learn More alert is now shown in Analytics alert.

Known Issues

  • Login fails on Mac OSX 10.15.
  • Update button fails to go away after installation.
  • Serial/perpetual products Install Others panel has invalid dates for Release Dates.
  • Serial products install button are delayed from showing up.
  • Install text shows for Red Giant products in RLM
  • Removing Redshift folder from C4D creates incorrect installation date.

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