VFX 2024.1.0 - January 17, 2024

Doug Y
Doug Y
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New Features and Enhancements

  • Real Lens Flares:
    • Obscuration: Reference the luminance, alpha, or RGB values of a layer to create foreground obscuring elements for your flare. Includes a built-in Matte Box function.
    • Light Ball: A new core projection that allows you to render a physical representation of your light source. Great for placing a sun in the skyt or adding headlights in a day-for-night shot.
    • Position Falloff Graphs: This UI element introduced with the Ring core projection has been added to all other core projections except for Gate Flare.
    • Schmutz Image-based Illumination Update: Expanded control and functionality for the Schmutz background illumination feature.
  • Spot Clone Tracker:
    • Tracker Only mode: A new checkbox that, when enabled, hides all non-tracking-related parameters and provides new Create Null and Clear Track buttons for a faster tracking workflow.
    • Shape Roundness: A new slider that determines the roundness of the Spot and Clone From shapes. Handy for fitting into tight corners such as replacing text on a page.

Bug Fixes

  • VFX-6624: Fixed an issue where Flares would display even when looking away from light sources.
  • Improved stability and responsiveness.

Known Issues

  • VFX-6766: Applying RLF to an Adjustment Layer in PPro causes a crash on some Mac machines.
    • Workaround: Apply directly the footage, or to black video with Unmult.
  • VFX-6744: RLF in Software Only Mode clamps HDR values to 0-1.
    • Workaround: Work in Metal or CUDA
  • VFX-6764: Core projections get oddly cropped in portrait aspect ratios.
  • VFX-6588: Shadow: Axis is misaligned if the AE's preview resolution is set to less than Full.
  • VFX-6587: Chromatic Displacement may produce black frames while scrubbing the timeline in AE.
  • VFX-6283: Supercomp panel unable to add layers with non-Latin characters.

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