Redshift 3.6.00 (2024.04) - April 10, 2024

Doug Y
Doug Y
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IMPORTANT: To support the new particle system in Cinema 4D 2024 the minimum required version of the 2024 plugin has been increased to 2024.4

  • [C4D] Added localization for German and Korean (in all supported versions of C4D)

  • [C4D] Added support for rendering material previews in the background with the CPU, at the same time as any IPR or final renders. This is controlled by a new material preview mode option in the preferences

  • [C4D] Added support for the new Cinema 4D particle system in 2024.4

  • [C4D] Fixed a color-management issue with Substances in Nodes, ShaderGraph, and emulated Standard materials

  • [C4D] Fixed bug where the default material was ignored when material override was enabled

  • [C4D] Fixed bug where material previews in Nodes might be blank under certain conditions

  • [C4D] Fixed bug where objects with no materials were ignored by the material override options

  • [C4D] Fixed bug where the IPR would not detect changes to the RSObject tag under certain conditions

  • [Maya] Added mechanism for specifying light lists on Toon material

  • [Maya] Fixed bug with broken Custom AOV

  • [Maya] RS shader menu button now defaults to rsStandardMaterial

  • [Maya] Added optimization for processing of n-gons during scene parsing

  • [Max] Added support for RS Material Output material

  • [Max] Fixed bug in Redshift Color Picker where alpha controls were not shown/hidden correctly

  • [Max] Support Autodesk fixes from 3ds Max 2024.2 that address quantization/overflow of colors sent to and from Redshift Color Picker

  • [Max] Redshift Light Lister now opens color picker as a modeless (non-blocking) window to work around 3ds Max SDK limitations

  • [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 20.0.625 and 20.0.653 and dropped support for 20.0.506 and 20.0.547

  • [Houdini] Additional improvements to the error handling functions to prevent Houdini crashes after any Redshift render-time critical issue

  • [Houdini] Added new option to the RS OBJ spare parameters to disable the automatic instancing of the procedural packed alembics

  • [Houdini] Added error messages when failing to write image or proxy files on disk

  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could affect the IPR updating of the materials params just after assigning them to any new object

  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could affect the IPR updating of the materials after some VOP nodes rewiring events

  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could affect the RSLight and RSDomeLight texture color space options

  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could crash Redshift if a new scene is loaded while the IPR is rendering

  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could affect the rendering of shader nodes already available in previous scenes with the same node name

  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could affect the "Redshift_setGPU" hscript command if used after initialize Redshift

  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could affect the transformations of the alembic procedural instances

  • [Houdini] Fixed bug that could affect the viewport rendering feature on Linux

  • [Houdini] Improved IPR update of volume objects after modifying the grid names in the volume shaders

  • [Houdini] Addressed the Single Pass Deep Output "Disable Lights" feature to also disable global and sky environments

  • [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 20.0.625 and 20.0.653 and dropped support for 20.0.506 and 20.0.547

  • [Hydra] Added support for ramps with multiple interpolation types in the knots

  • [Hydra] Added RSPhysicalSky LOP to help in the configuration of the RS sun/sky environment

  • [Hydra] Added support for the Solaris/Hydra "Stop/Resume" rendering workflow as replacement for the "Pause/Resume" feature not supported by the core

  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could cause a crash if the tangent attributes can't be computed due to the lack of normals or uvs

  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could cause that matting or visivility do not work with PointInstancer using instanceable primitives as prototypes

  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could cause viewport updating problems in the instances visibility or matte options

  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could cause problems while working with multiple UV maps

  • [Hydra] Fixed bug in the Redshift and RenderVars LOPs single layer EXR files when there are no additional AOVs

  • [Hydra] Fixed bug in the Redshift LOP that was making it time-dependent while rendering cryptomatte or deep AOVs

  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could cause problems to load the Hydra plugin on Linux in some Solaris 20.0 versions

  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could affect the default light intensity in batch rendering

  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could affect the orientation of the volume instances

  • [Hydra] Devices configuration options exposed in the Solaris viewport settings

  • [Hydra] Downsampling Rate parameter exposed in the Redshift LOP

  • [USD Procedural] Added support for MacOS Apple Silicon

  • [Katana] Added support for global arbitrary user attributes

  • [Katana] Added error messages when failing to write image or proxy files on disk

  • [Metal] Fix crash when first rendering with IPR on M3

  • [HIP] Added support for OSL, required driver 23.Q4

  • [CPU] Fixed random CPU crashes

  • [RT] Fixed a bug leading to strong fireflies

  • [RT] Fixed several convergence issues, leading to better convergence in a large number of cases, leading to significantly better sampling convergence

  • [RT] Improved navigation quality and fixed a bug producing ghosting effects

  • [RT] The denosier has less color bleeding and flickering under motion

  • [RT] Improved Mesh Light sampling

  • [All] Added Programmable Volume Shaders (inc. major refactor and improvements of volume sampling and shading technology)

  • [All] Added new Toon Material

  • [All] Added new Tonemap Pattern Shader for toon

  • [All] Added new Contour Shader for toon

  • [All] All new mesh light technology, to bring mesh light features and quality in line with other area lights

  • [All] Added texturable opacity control to area lights

  • [All] Unified Volumetric Fog and Volume Object rendering techonology for a better integration

  • [All] Added Jendersie-D'Eon anisotropy model

  • [All] Added Scalar and Color Volume Attribute Shaders that allow volume attribute lookup

  • [All] Changed the behaviour of the shadow cut-off threshold optimization

  • [All] Added raybouncelevel output to RS State Shader

  • [All] Fixed a bug that caused volume emission being too strong in reflection

  • [All] Fixed a CUBE file parsing bug resulting in some LUT files failing to load

  • [All] Fixed a crash when knots were removed from the RS Ramp shader

  • [All] Fixed recently introduced bug that could cause this error message: "Range for 'm_InstanceIDMOD' has been overwritten (by later recursions) and was not marked as 'WillBeReadInTheFuture'"

  • [All] Standard Material transmission single scatter now more artist friendly and predictable, based on the new OpenPBR spec

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