Red Giant 2024.2.0 - April 10, 2024

Doug Y
Doug Y

Note: This update requires Maxon App 2024.3.0 or later in order to install.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Geo: A brand new tool for texturing, lighting, and cloning 3D objects in After Effects
  • Particular Performance: Significant improvements to render, playback, and responsiveness
  • Bokeh Attenuation: Ability to add attenuation for custom blur maps in Uni.Bokeh
  • Looks UI: Improvements to the color management workflow.

Bug Fixes

  • TC-10019: Particular: Fixed stuttering or jerky playback in the Designer preview.
  • TC-9973: Particular: Improved memory usage.
  • TC-9810: Particular: Fixed an issue wherein some sprites would not render in the Designer.
  • TC-9503: Improved migration from old projects.
  • UP-8780: Universe Screen Text: No longer crashes when adjusting Random Characters.
  • MB-7479: Looks: Fixed a ghosting effect.

Known Issues

  • TC-9728: 3D Stroke: Curve and Color presets are not applying in Premiere Pro.
  • TC-5873: Mir: Render goes blank when Supersample is combined with DoF on AMD cards.
  • VFX-6808: Spot Clone Tracker: Wireframes disappear when tracking on Windows machines.

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