Where is Knoll Light Factory?

Doug Y
Doug Y
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Knoll Light Factory was discontinued in March of 2023 and no longer installs (nor is it considered compatible) with anything released afterwards.

Its last version can be installed from the Maxon App by selecting Install > Other Versions from across VFX (note this option is only available if VFX is not currently installed/has been uninstalled):

And selecting VFX 2023.2.0 from the list of installers.

Afterwards you are free to update the VFX tools into their latest release. Updating will not affect Knoll Light Factory whatsoever.

  • Knoll Light Factory will automatically license if you are signed into the Maxon App with an account that had purchased a subscription or perpetual license through Maxon.
  • If you own a serial for Knoll Light Factory, you will need to provide a serial through the Serial Tool.

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