How do I filter assets in the Cinema 4D Asset Browser based on my license?

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While a *Maxon One license has access to all assets in the Cinema 4D Asset Browser, there are some licenses that do not.

Below are two options for filtering out assets based on your license.

Filter Option 1 (easy):

If you wish to hide assets unavailable to you, you can choose 'View' and disable 'Show Unavailable' in the Asset Browser menu:


Filter Option 2 (advanced):

If you are interested in the assets available for your license or any other license type, you can use the 'License' filter.

Here is how to find the License filter:

1. Open the Asset Browser.
2. Open the Filters menu.
3. Hover over 'Other', and choose the 'License' filter.


Choosing 'License' will list the following in the Asset Browser search bar:



How to use the License filter:

1. Remove the carrots (<<>>)

2. Leave only the license type you wish to use for filtering the assets.


For example, if you only want to see the available assets for a trial license, “license:trial

is what you type in the search bar: 



*If you see an asset with the Maxon One logo, as shown in the example below, this indicates the asset is only available to Maxon One license subscribers.

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