Redshift 3.6.01 (2024.04) - April 15, 2024

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated
  • [C4D] Fixed a crash when rendering previews for certain materials (eg imported from GLTF files)
  • [Max] Fixed bug where Render View used Optical camera mode in non-upgraded scenes, resulting in a mismatch between display and file output
  • [Max] Fixed bug introduced in 3.6.00 where legacy Volume material grid names did not work
  • [Max] Fixed bug where new Anisotropy Mode parameter on legacy Volume material was missing
  • [Hydra] Fixed bug that could affect the camera FOV in some DataWindowNDC cases
  • Katana] Fixed several issues in the Katana 7.0 live rendering mode
  • [Metal] Fixed the issue that offline compiled Metal kernels for AMD GPUs were not being used
  • [Metal] Fixed problem with volumes on Metal using AMD GPUs
  • [Metal] Fixed crash with IPR bucket rendering
  • [CPU] Fixed shutdown crash when using OSL shaders
  • [CPU] Fixed macOS cpu crashes related to empty scenes and material preview rendering
  • [All] Added multiple performance-related improvements over 3.6.00, especially for scenes with global volumes or no volumes
  • [All] Fixed a performance issue in scenes with spot lights
  • [All] Fixed a bug in the Distorter shader where the distortion texture leaked into the primary texture
  • [All] Fixed various legacy issues related to global volume interaction with transparent materials
  • [All] Fixed recently introduced bug that would cause invalid material connections to crash instead of issuing a warning
  • [All] Fixed light lists in Toon material store in proxy files
  • [All] Fixed licensing bug that broke legacy perpetual licenses with maintenance expiring in April 2024

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