Maxon One Educational License

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We have a complete Maxon One Student/Faculty bundle, which includes Cinema 4D*, Red Giant, Forger, Zbrush and Redshift for all hosts** that can be applied for below for a small administration fee.


This licence lasts for 6 months and then must be reapplied for using the same process. 


The Maxon One Education Licence is for self-learning only, and the licence does not permit use for commercial work. For commercial work, please purchase a commercial licence. 

The approval by Kivuto is free and gives you a promo code, which is only valid once for 6 months of the full Maxon One experience. The promo code reduces the payment of Maxon One in our shop to the small administration fee (roughly $10 depending on location). After 24 weeks, you can apply for another 6 months at the Kivuto site.


For issues obtaining a license, you will need to contact them directly using the link below;

OnTheHub Support

For problems with installation, licensing, and usage of Cinema 4D, feel free to contact us again by raising a ticket at


If you get stuck, please watch this video about how to get a student licence -
Student Licence Process


*Cinema 4D S22.138 and onward only

**Redshift for all hosts compatible with version 3.0.54 and onward only. 

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