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We have a complete Maxon One Student/Faculty bundle, which includes Cinema 4D*, Red Giant, Forger, Zbrush and Redshift for all hosts** that can be applied for below for a small administration fee.


This licence lasts for 6 months and then must be reapplied for using the same process. 


The Maxon One Education Licence is for self-learning only, and the licence does not permit use for commercial work. For commercial work, please purchase a commercial licence. 

The approval by Kivuto is free and gives you a promo code, which is only valid once for 6 months of the full Maxon One experience. The promo code reduces the payment of Maxon One in our shop to the small administration fee (roughly $10 depending on location). After 24 weeks, you can apply for another 6 months at the Kivuto site.


Click on the following link to obtain a student promo code:

Maxon's OnTheHub Student Store


If you do not already have an account, you will need to select "Register" in the upper right corner. Once your OnTheHub account is set up and your student status is verified, click on "Maxon One" in the store and select Add to Cart.


After you checkout, you will need to click on Instructions to reveal a Maxon shopping cart link where you can apply your promo code.


You will be directed to a Maxon-specific checkout page, where you will need to pay the processing fee (approximately $10). When the transaction is complete, a Maxon One Student license will be added to the MyMaxon account you were signed into during checkout.

For issues verifying your account, you will need to contact OnTheHub directly using the link below;

OnTheHub Support

For problems with installation, licensing, and usage of Maxon One, feel free to contact us again by raising a ticket at


If you get stuck, please watch this video about how to get a student licence -
Student Licence Process


*Cinema 4D S22.138 and onward only

**Redshift for all hosts compatible with version 3.0.54 and onward only. 

***Team Render licenses are not included

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