Maxon One Educational License

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We have a complete Maxon One Student/Faculty bundle, which includes Cinema 4D*, Red Giant, Forger, Zbrush and Redshift for all hosts** that can be applied for below for a small administration fee.

This license lasts for 1 year, after which it must be reapplied for again using the same process. These licenses do not auto-renew.

The Maxon One Education License is for self-learning only; the license does not permit use for commercial work. For commercial work, please purchase a commercial license.

The approval by SheerID is free and grants access to 1 year of the full Maxon One experience. The verification then reduces the payment of Maxon One in our shop.

Redeeming instructions:

  1. Login / Create a Maxon Account, which is needed for purchasing any and all products.
  2. Validate via SheerID. You will need:
    • Full school name
    • First and last name, as shown on school records
    • Date of birth
    • School or personal email address
    • (if asked) Personal mobile phone number, reachable via SMS text messages.
  3. Checkout with Maxon One at a reduced price.
  4. Enjoy using Maxon tools to learn and create!

*Cinema 4D Current version only

**Redshift for all hosts compatible with version 3.0.54 and onward only. 

***Team Render licenses are not included

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