R21 License Server (for R21 and onward) - automatic user login

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With Cinema 4D R21 a new licensing system has been introduced, which is used for the new Maxon License Server(MLS) as well.
This means, there is no "license.ini" existing anymore, which automatically connects to the MLS, without the user having to do something.

This might be a problem for administrators, which have to handle the license servers login on many computers.

Inside Cinema 4Ds installation folder you find the subdirectory "resource" including a file named "config.txt".
Please add an additional command to this file, assigning the license server automatically starting the program.

  • Open the file inside a text editor.
  • Find the line g_modulePath ... and add a new line behind this line.
  • Add the command g_licenseServerUrl="http://[ip address]:[port]" into this new line.
  • The IP address should be the IP of the computer the MLS is installed to. The port by default is 5264, but you might have used another self defined port to enter there.
  • Save the changed file.

If you open Cinema 4D now, it automatically starts using a license from the license server without opening the license manager first.
This changed file now can be copied to all clients, that should start with a license from the MLS.

As soon as an update for Cinema 4D is installed, the file is changed to original settings and you might have to repeat the procedure described here.

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