I'm missing the content browser libraries or cannot install updates, but the Online-Updater shows no available updates (R23 and prior)

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1. You are unable to update Cinema 4D or download the content browser libraries as it states they are already installed. You have to reset the Online-Updater.

2. Your companies internal proxy server does not allow Cinema 4D to see any updates.

1. To reset the Online-Updater close Cinema 4D first. You will have to delete 2 directories from the installation of Cinema 4D now.
First the folder "updates" inside the users preferences folder.
To open the preferences folder go to the Preferences and click on "Open Preferences Folder".
Second the folder "updates" inside the installation path of Cinema 4D, located in the subfolder "resource".

2. Contact your administrator and ask him to let Cinema 4D not being blocked by the proxy server.

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