Why don't fonts look correct on machines rendered with Team Render, but appear correct when rendered locally?

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If fonts do not appear correctly when rendering with Team Render, there is a good chance you do not have the fonts used in the project installed on all machines in the Team Render farm.

You have two options:
1. Install the project used font on all machines in your Team Render farm.*
2. Make the text object editable by highlighting the object and hitting C on your keyboard or hitting the Make Editable button on the upper left (Image Attached).

While making the object editable may not be ideal in all cases; this will resolve the issue because the text object is now a polygonal object and no longer needing internally installed fonts. However, If you need text objects to remain procedural, option number one is the route you will have go to.


* Fonts, in spite of the same type, can be different under Windows and macOS and produce different results.

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