Which products are compatible with the Maxon App?

Anna LeChard
Anna LeChard
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The Maxon App currently supports the installation and management of newer Red Giant Complete, Universe, Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, VFX Suite and PluralEyes (see notes below).

Cinema 4D versions S24 and up are compatible.

Redshift support is available for versions 3.0.54 and higher.

Forger and Moves by Maxon continue to be available from the iOS App Store.

Red Giant Notes 

  • The Maxon App and Serial Registration Tool will not license older, discontinued Red Giant products such as Keying Suite, Effects Suite, Photolooks, or Grinder. 

  • Maxon App can only license plugin versions released after 2019. Earlier plugin versions were not updated to use any license manager and will continue to install and license through the original standalone installers. For these products, please manually enter your serial numbers directly inside of the legacy installers. 

  • To apply older serial number licenses, you'll need to ensure that you've installed the correct version for the license owned. Newer versions of the products will not accept older serial numbers. You'll need to uninstall and reinstall the correct version. E.g. Trapcode 16 will not fully license with a Trapcode 15 serial number

  • When upgrading from the Red Giant Application Manager, the Maxon App will attempt to preserve existing serial licenses. 

Products that can be licensed with the Maxon App

  • Magic Bullet Suite 13 and newer
  • PluralEyes 4 and newer

  • Trapcode Suite 15 and newer

  • Universe 3 and newer

  • VFX Suite 1 and newer

  • The discontinued Shooter Suite 13 can be licensed using the Maxon App serial number option, but has no installation option internally. It will use a standalone installer to place the plugins

All earlier versions of these products, as well as any other discontinued plugins will not appear listed within the Maxon App at all. They will install and license using their original standalone installers, which can be acquired by contacting support.


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