Cinema 4D R19 or R20 won't start on newer Windows 10 Builds

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Cinema 4D Support - jg
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Unfortunately, we discovered an issue with Cinema 4D R19/R20 on the latest Windows 10 Builds (20H2 and onwards).

After installation of Cinema 4D it won't start or disappear immediately.

If you discover this issue, you should create a new rule in the Windows Firewall (or other firewall used), that blocks outgoing connections for Cinema 4D R19/R20.

This should solve the issue and Cinema 4D will start correctly.

The disadvantage is, that the online updater can no longer be used for automatic updates with this blocked.

It is possible to start Cinema 4D with a Firewall rule on, then switch it off once Cinema 4D is loaded, download the Content Browser information, and switch the rule back on, once it has finished downloading. 

You can find a tutorial on how to create rules for the Windows 10 Firewall here:

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