Redshift 3.5.11 (2022.12) - December 7, 2022

  • Updated
  • [Maya] The command 'rsRender -about' will provide version and other information about the plugin and renderer

  • [Maya] MASH instances no longer create point clouds for instanced objects that aren't used by any of their particles

  • [Maya] Volume Grids are now rendered correctly after interactive deleting and undoing

  • [Maya] Particle instancer now updates correctly when instancing objects are added and removed

  • [Maya] Proxy Mesh instances are now rendered correctly after interactive deleting and undoing

  • [Maya] The RedshiftOptions node is now independent of the current namespace

  • [Maya] RedshiftSprite's now display their Color Space with a combo box

  • [C4D] Added native Tiles and Brick shaders. Cinema 4D legacy Brick and Tiles shaders are auto-translated to native shaders.

  • [C4D] Added initial support for the Open Image Denoiser

  • [C4D] Improved some Nodes shaders by exposing some useful ports by default.

  • [C4D] Addressed an issue where a minimum limit in the F-Stop value in the native RS Camera was restricting the range of the DOF focus picking in the RenderView

  • [C4D] Addressed an issue where stacking unsupported materials could lead to a crash under certain conditions

  • [C4D] Addressed an issue in the ShaderGraph Editor Commander in Cinema 4D 2023.1 where certain keyboard events were ignored.

  • [C4D] Addressed an issue preventing the Linux plugin from loading in Cinema 4D 2023.1

  • [C4D] Addressed a crash issue when executing the 'Selected object as camera' command while IPR is active

  • [C4D] Addressed an issue leading to slow scene loads when UDIM or UVTILE textures are used

  • [C4D] Addressed an issue leading to assertion messages when procedural projections are used in conjunction with deformation blur

  • [C4D] Fixed bug that would cause a crash when rendering objects displaced by projected textures

  • [Houdini] Fixed a problem with the user procedurals vector type parameters

  • [Hydra] Scene Import LOP: Added support for the Redshift object and camera level options

  • [Hydra] Added support for the hole indices feature

  • [Hydra] Fixed geometry glitches and crashes while working with USD objects including non-constant topology samples

  • [Hydra] Deprecated the old (broken) redshiftstandardrendervars LOP; all the AOVs configuration is now done using the Redshift LOP

  • [Blender] Added support for Denoiser

  • [Blender] Removed 'Render into Blender' UI button; now the render is shown inside Blender whenever 'Render to file' is not activated

  • [Blender] Fixed small issue in EXR layered file channels when assembling light group name. Now use '_' instead of '.'

  • [Blender] Fixed render region error in 'Render to file' mode

  • [Blender] Fixed error using instantiated proxy's in to particle systems

  • [RenderView] Fixed potential crash after an OCIO config is reloaded

  • [Alembic Procedural] Procedural included in the Redshift/Procedurals/alembic directory

  • [USD Procedural] Procedural for USD 20.08, 21.08, and 22.05 included in the Redshift/Procedurals/usd directory

  • [RT] Use of the Tri-Planar shader no longer triggers unnecessary shader recompilation

  • [RT] Denoiser convergence quality slightly increased

  • [RT] Improved sampling, RT produces cleaner images

  • [RT] Improved convergence speed and quality in images generated over many frames

  • [RT] Fixed dome light reflections

  • [RT] Correct hair thickness

  • [RT] New Denoiser implementation

  • [RT] Fixed an issue with secondary ray mip-map sampling, causing blurry textures in reflections and refractions

  • [RT] Improved Denoiser speed and bandwidth

  • [RT] Slightly improved antialiasing

  • [RT] Fixed a crash that could happen in scenes with many lights

  • [RT] Fixed a bug where a light could appear out of nowhere

  • [RT] Fixed a bug where lights could randomly disappear

  • [RT] Optimized compilation times of material shaders with Tri-Planar nodes or bump mapping by about 40%

  • [RT] Fixed bump-mapping artifacts

  • [CPU] Fixed crash that could occur when rendering deep AOVs

  • [All] Fixed crash if OptiX denoiser was somehow enabled but the system didn't have an NVidia GPU - or if the licensing disabled all GPUs. Also made the subsequent error message more informative

  • [All] Fixed recently introduced bug that would cause legacy proxy volumes to always use temperature based emission

  • [All] Added support for Volumetric Multiple Scattering.

  • [All] Fixed bug that could produce incorrect-looking normal maps. Added legacy switch option to BumpMap and NormalMap nodes for older scenes.

  • [All] Added enum to StandardMaterial to select how fresnel reflectance should affect shadows, replacing the bool added in 3.5.10

  • [All] Fixed bug that affected how dispersion behaved with nested dielectrics. Added global legacy switch option for older scenes.

  • [All] Added new experimental option for shading normals, so extremely biased normal maps 'adapt' to the surface topology and allow light bleeding instead of resulting in unwanted black features

  • [All] Fixed a bug that would affect volume rendering where scene has a camera with a very large far clipping plane

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