New Layouts: Cinema 4D R25 (and newer); Hot Corners, Managers and New Icon Placement

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Cinema 4D R25 introduces a fresh new look to the User Interface. All of the icons have had a sleek new redesign and a new standard layout introduced.

As you can see from the screenshot below various areas have changed location.

  • We now have easy document tabs to easily switch between open projects.
  • You can easily switch layouts with the new easy layout buttons and also switch to the old Cinema 4D layout.
  • The Command gets its own icon to easily search for any Cinema 4D Object, tool or command.
  • The Modes Palette, Solo and Snap have move front and centre along the top bar
  • The Creation Tools are now all situated along the right-hand side of the viewport.
  • New for R25 the Dynamic Palette Toolbar on the left shows relevant tools base on your current selections. 



Hot Corner Managers

Introduced in S24, with the Asset Browser, Cinema 4D created a new fold-out window. With Cinema 4D R25 we have extended that technology further incorporate this to our 4 Hot corners


Situated around the 4 corners of the viewport are new manager icons. These can be activated individually to bring up the corresponding manager.

The managers are;


Asset Browser (Red)

Materials Manager (Blue)

Timeline (Purple)

Coordinates Manager (Orange)



This allows for greater use of space and the ability to gain more viewport real estate when managers are not required.







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