New Layouts: Dynamic Palettes in Cinema R25 and newer

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Cinema 4D R25 introduces new Dynamic Palettes for quick and easy access to relevant tools, depending on the Mode you are on. 


Situated along the left-hand side, these dynamic "changing" palettes reflect the Mode that the user has selected along the top.


Whilst some icons remain the same (Selection, Move, Rotate, Scale) the rest dynamically change to give easier access to relevant tools.


Some tools will remain greyed out depending on the state of the object (Primitive or Polygonal)


Screenshot_2021-09-09_at_16.43.41.png Screenshot_2021-09-09_at_16.49.19.png Screenshot_2021-09-09_at_16.51.54.png Screenshot_2021-09-09_at_16.53.39.png
Screenshot_2021-09-09_at_16.43.57.png Screenshot_2021-09-09_at_16.55.52.png Screenshot_2021-09-09_at_16.55.24.png Screenshot_2021-09-09_at_16.54.54.png

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