VFX 2.0 - September 14, 2021

  • Updated

New Features and Enhancements

We're excited to bring a new tool to the VFX suite: Bang for Muzzle Flashes. In addition to this, we've
added Apple Silicon support for Primatte Keyer, Optical Glow, Chromatic Displacement and Supercomp for users with Apple M1 machines using Adobe Premiere Pro; ported Primatte Keyer to Metal with noticeable GPU rendering improvements (up to 25% render time improvements during tests); and added a mutex option for multi-frame rendering with most tools.

This is a subscription-only release. Users with a perpetual license will not be able to upgrade.

Known Issues

  • Sparks may crash AE when using maxed-out Large Flash scales. We recommend not using Sparks when working at higher flash scales, or keeping the Sparks onscreen.
  • Supercomp may not work on Mac and some Windows environments. You may need to roll back to VFX 1.5.2 if you primarily use Supercomp.

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