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Is it possible to lock orthogonal views and disable perspective as in other programs? I find it difficult to model some things without being able to do this lock.

There isn't an orthographic switch for cameras at this time. You adjust the focal length of the camera and set it to a high number which has a similar behavior. The camera can be snapped to 90 degree angles by pressing the "smooth shortcut" while orbiting.



Is it possible to remesh only a portion of an object?

No, it isn’t; remeshing is a mesh global operation that affects the entire object. 

What would happen if I went to print without remeshing?

There isn't anything forcing you to remesh before printing. If the printing software happily accepts the file, it should be ok to print.



Is it possible to save the character and then to insert it into another software like Blender or another program for animation?

Yes, you can export your creations and import them into other programs and 3d print them, animate them, etc...



Is there a way to reduce my file size? It's 600mb at the moment. I've noticed the file got really big after re-meshing for a few times.

There isn't a way, the file size depends on how heavy a scene is, there isn't much to do as the new format is fairly compact as opposed to the previous one. The higher the “resolution” during remeshing the more detail a model will have, at the cost of extra storage space required.



Do you have tutorials for beginners?

The tutorials on our YouTube page are currently the only tutorials we have available. However, our team is always preparing new tutorials. We will inform our team of your suggestion for future tutorials. 



I wanted to ask if there is a way to import a textured model to Forger?

Not at the moment, a possible workaround is to import the model and, assuming it has UVs, import the vertex colors from the texture image, but that process can lose information, depending on whether if it’s used for color guidance or final representation this process might be ok. 

How do I export to Maya?

You can export to Maya the same way you would export to other software. You just need to choose between formats. (OBJ is the most common one, so you can recommend that one.)



Is there a rotation method where I can lock the rotation axis to the center of mass for the model?

You can deactivate "action pivot" from the Preferences Menu, and then press frame on the object, and it will not update the pivot on every brushstroke.



Which iPad is the best for Forger?

While Forger works on every iPad that can run iOS 13+, we would recommend the iPad pro for complex projects while a regular iPad, or iPad Air might be fine for non-overly complex projects. 

Which screen size is the best for Forger?

We prefer the bigger devices (12.9”) over smaller ones (11” and 9.7”) but YMMV.



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