Universe 5.01 - October 26, 2021

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New features and announcements

Universe 5.01 fixes a critical bug experienced by users of NVIDIA GPUs where all fractal noise in Red Giant Universe render incorrectly. This has effectively disabled 18 different plugins that rely on fractal noise for their results, e.g. Ecto, GloFI, Heatwave, Glitch, and more. 

This release also fixes a licensing issue for Universe customers on Mac OS Final Cut Pro, where Universe saw a watermark if Magic Bullet Suite was not installed. This update corrects the licensing issue, removing the watermark.


Bug fixes

UP-6289 - Universe watermarked if user doesn't own MB Film/Suite

UP-6321 - VEGAS Pro: Analog and Texturize Motion OFX plug-ins do not load

UP-6505 - Fractal BG and Turbulence Noise do not work

UP-6528 - Uni Channel Surf incorrectly distorts image

UP-6521 - Electrify not working on Windows machines

UP-6519 - Uni Heatwave incorrectly distorts image


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