Magic Bullet 15.1 - November 16, 2021

  • Updated


  • Unreal Engine support: Looks is now available to Unreal users. Looks in Unreal aims at the pre-visualization market including the architecture and automotive industry. Looks drastically expands the range of effects available in Unreal allowing users to create more visually compelling content.
  • AVX versions of Cosmo, Mojo, Film, and Renoiser: Up until now AVID users had access to just Looks. This release adds 4 new Magic Bullet tools adding more creative choices and flexibility to editors and colorists.
  • Apple Silicon, Metal and Adobe’s multi-frame rendering (MFR) support for Denoiser: Denoiser now takes advantage of Apple’s Metal Graphics API for optimal GPU performance on Mac. This update to Denoiser also incorporates compatibility and optimization for Apple Silicon-powered Macs, as well as support for Multi-Frame Rendering (MFR) in Adobe After Effects.


  • MB-6223 - Looks pulls wrong frame in Premiere Pro. 
  • MB-3624 - Color difference between Looks Designer and Final Cut Pro and Motion. 
  • MB-6022 - Looks 5 fxplug 4 - the footage crops when applying Looks. 
  • MB-6035 - Colorista 5 M1 - Keyer doesn't open on top of the dock. 
  • MB-6125 - Looks Preset browser/ Colorista Presets & LUTs/Colorista Panel won't show if Maxon App is open. 
  • MB-6302 - Colorista V MacOS - renders black and white when using Software Only renderer and 16 bpc.


  • No FxPlug4 support for Denoiser: Denoiser is not compatible with FxPlug4. The plugin won't load in FCPX or Motion due to the lack of FxPlug4 support. On M1 the latest Fxplug Apple support is 4.0. Most of our plugins run on 4.2. 
  • Looks in Unreal: Looks might install on a machine but not show up, both as a Volume or as a Filter. Solution: Go to Edit > Plugins > search for Looks > Enable checkbox.
  • Looks in Unreal: Movie Render Queue is currently not supported.

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