Maxon App 2.1 - November 23, 2021

Kristina K.
Kristina K.
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  • This update is highly recommended for all Maxon users. It includes a major change that affects the behaviour of floating licenses for Teams customers. 

    • With the newest release of the Maxon App, floating licenses are now automatically checked in and released by the system. Prior to this change, the user would need to manually release the license either by closing C4D and selecting the Quit and Free License option, or for Red Giant applications, by deactivating them through the Maxon App.

    • This also means that previously a user would be able to assume a license stays assigned to their workstation. With this change, it will be reassigned if needed by another computer on the network, unless it is locked by the user.


MA-3971: A floating license may not be released on computer shutdown. Users should wait for the license to time out after release (2 minutes) before shutting down their system. Admins can revoke the license if necessary.


Our trainer Elly has published an updated video to guide you through:

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