Uninstall Redshift on macOS

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If you want to uninstall Redshift from your system, you have to do this manually on macOS, because there is no uninstall routine provided.

Make sure you have released your Redshift license in the Maxon App first, if you still have an active License.


To manually uninstall Redshift on a Mac:

Open the Finder and search for the following folders and delete every "Redshift" folder shown:

  • Macintosh HD / Applications /
  • Macintosh HD / Applications / Maxon Cinema 4D Rxx / plugins /
  • Macintosh HD / Users / <user name> /
  • In case you use a other DCC besides or instead of Cinema 4D, search for the plugin location of your used App. See https://docs.redshift3d.com/ for help.


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