How do I renew my student licence?

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The 6 month Maxon One (student) licence does not renew automatically. 

To renew your Maxon One (student) licence you will need to mostly follow the same procedure as before.

Go to the link below and get a new promo code. You cannot reuse your old promo codes. 


You will not need to re-register with Kivuto/OnTheHub.

Simply log in to Kivuto/OnTheHub within 14 days of your licence expiring and you will be able to get a new Promo Code.

Once again, follow the instructions link to the shop and enter the promo code, and complete your purchase.

As this will create a new Maxon Student licence, I recommend only doing this the day your licence is due to expire, so as not to cut short your previous licence.

If you get stuck, please watch this video about how to get a student licence -
Student Licence Process

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