Universe 6.0 - April 20, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated

Note: Avid users should forego this update due to crashing issues presented shortly before release. Hotfix to follow soon.

New features and announcements

  • 4 New Tools

    • Stretch transitions footage from one shot to the next by way of stretching the image.
    • Box Bokeh simulates a fast-rendering camera blur.
    • ChromaTown splits an image into colorized subdivisions with varying transformations.
    • Sketchify makes footage look like it's been painted by brush.
  • 73 New Presets

Bug fixes

  • UP-7054 Custom presets wouldn't appear in the Dashboard for Final Cut Pro X
  • UP-7053 Transitions weren't applying in Premiere pro
  • UP-7031 Command & Shift Keys produced ? in the Edit Text window on Mac
  • UP-6963 Logo Motion wouldn't work when GPU Acceleration was enabled
  • UP-6960 Numbers creates excessive zeroes with Time number type
  • UP-694 Camera shake wasn't applying
  • UP-6995 Line crashes when using the Draw On parameter

Known issues in this release

  • UP-7115 Plugins causing Avid to crash
  • UP-5114 Saving a preset with an apostrophe in the name creates a blank thumbnail
  • UP-7017 Using Type On with line breaks will freeze Adobe programs
  • UP-7080 Clip becomes blank in Premiere when repositioned with Logo Motion Applied
  • UP-6973 Flicker Cut transition isn't working
  • UP-6802 AMD cards producing inconsistent results.
    • Workaround: Use Software Only rendering

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