Maxon App 3.0 - April 20, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated

New features and announcements

  • Zbrush Integration

    • Zbrush can now be installed for all users who have the entitlement

  • Application UI/ Behaviour updates

    • Added Dependent installs for C4D users - users who installed C4D lite, but has entitlements for the full version, will have the option to install the missing components directly from the app
    • Added new acknowledgements screen
    • Removed login for legacy serial entry
    • Team Render Server will now appear on the Maxon App

  • Licensing

    • Redshift CPU is now entitled.
      • This is a specific subcomponent to C4D and does not appear as an individual entry in the Maxon App
    • Render only licenses for Red Giant have been enabled

  • RLM Unification

    • RLM is now fully supported via Maxon App using a single ISV 'redshift'
      • This works fully offline and requires only that the user has the proper license file on their system
    • If you have not upgraded to the new Unified RLM, do not upgrade to 3.x.
    • Users are not required to log on to the Maxon App
    • Users who open the Maxon App in RLM mode will see a reduced UI
    • Users may switch to normal 10Duke mode if they wish to use a non RLM license

  • Other

    • Analytics have been added.
    • Scripted install is now available on both Mac and Windows. Users can install the Maxon App service without the UI.

Bug fixes

  • MA-3906 Checked out RLM licenses were not shown in the server
  • MA-3825 Render-only licenses were failing to work

Known issues in this release

  • MA-4173 RLM licenses are checked back after a computer goes to sleep
  • MA-4470 C4D R24 Linux Users cannot open C4D R24 without credentials
  • MA-4471 C4D R26 fails to check out a RLM license that’s hosted on an outside network serve
  • MA-4474 RLM only: Restarting the machine causes the license to drop
    • Workaround: Go to Show RLM key option (or open the directory where the client license is saved), open up the client lic file and click Save to update the modified timestamp. This will reset everything and reestablish a connection to the RLM server


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