Trapcode 18 - April 20 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated

New features and announcements

  • All Trapcode tools now support M1 Macs
  • Particular now has Layer Maps

Bug fixes

  • Particular
    • Fluid Random Swirl controls are no longer disabled in the Designer
    • Pre-run now migrates from older projects
    • Visual Density wasn't appearing when Buoyancy was at or below 0
    • On a Grid distribution for Sphere Emitters has been recorrected
    • Color from Light Emitters has been fixed
  • Form

    • Fixed an issue where Form was crashing After Effects on WIndows when Acceleration was set to GPU
  • Echospace

    • Fixed an issue where Echospace wasn't working with animated precomps

Known issues in this release

  • Time-based mapping isn't implemented yet for Layer Maps
  • Layer Maps will ignore keyframes
  • 3D Stroke is offset at reduced preview resolutions when a camera is in the comp
    • Workaround: Work in full resolution
  • The Growbounds utility does not yet support M1
    • Workaround: Use an Intel-based version of AE through Rosetta

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