Bug Reporting, Fixing and Feedback

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With any software, bugs are known issues. No matter how much testing is implemented, it is possible to still find bugs in software, under specific conditions. 

Here at Maxon, we appreciate any reporting of bugs, so that we may continue to improve our software. 

In an ideal scenario, we would have access to infinite resources to be able to Fix, Test, and Ship, bug fixes instantly (or at least as close as possible).


In Support, we receive Bug reports daily. It is our job to examine, gather information, and test. We check whether or not it is a known bug, limitation, unknown bug, or user error (sorry folks!).


Once we have determined its status, we report our findings to the developers. The information is then transferred to an internal bug database. At this point, the timeline for examining, fixing, and testing is outside of Support's scope. 


It is not possible for Support Agents, to keep our Support tickets open for individuals who have reported bugs, and give them personalized feedback. With only finite resources available, bug fixing is a matter of impact and priority, so it may take longer for some bugs to be examined, therefore tickets cannot remain open until specific issues are fixed.


This does not mean your issue is being ignored or we are closing the bug case, only that the Support System ticket which you have used to report the bug to us, will be closed.


The Bug information remains open inside of our internal database, ready for investigation by our Developers. 


Fixed bugs can be checked through our release notes section of our Website. 




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