Maxon App 3.1 - May 25, 2022

  • Updated

This is a minor update for the Maxon App: adding support for the red giant, render-only licenses to be a floating license, we also added the ability to start a Maxon One C4D R26 Trial while Maxon One R25 Trial is active (two trials at once!).

New features and announcements

Red Giant Render Only - Floating

  • We have added the ability for volume customers who have Red Giant Render Only Licenses to assign them to Groups to enable floating license support.

Application UI/ Behaviour updates

  • Added banner warning about data collection

  • We now hide the trial banner when a user is in RLM mode

  • Added scroll bad to “other Versions” section for products with many many versions.


  • Updated Windows Analytics to capture the difference between Windows 10 and 11


  • Updated Copyright year to 2022

Bug fixes

  • MA-4468 Analytics: Windows 11 is showing up as Windows 10
  • MA-4507 The RGC Render Only fix only works on a clean install
  • MA-4534 update error when downloads fail
  • MA-4536 Maxon One trial fails to start on preProd
  • MA-4537 Data collection banner not showing up on Mac
  • MA-4538 The data collection banner only shows up the first time you log into an account
  • MA-4475 Hide the trial banner in RLM mode
  • MA-4530 Update the copyright year to 2022

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