How do I install older versions of Red Giant products?

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Doug Y
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The majority of older versions of Red Giant products can be installed through the Maxon App under the Install > Other Versions option across from whatever suite contained your older plugin.


This option is only visible when no version of the suite is currently installed, so if you don't see the option, just uninstall whatever version of the suite you've currently got installed.

Which suite version do I select to install my specific plugin(s)?

Here's a list of which suite versions contain which plugin versions. If you don't know what plugin version you have, consult this serial number table.

Magic Bullet Suite

To download plugin version... installer version

Colorista V

Cosmo II 2.0

Denoiser III

Film 2

Looks 5

Mojo II

Renoiser 2

Magic Bullet Suite 14.0.3

Colorista IV

Looks 4

Renoiser 1

Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.17

For Magic Bullet Suite 12 or older, contact support.

Shooter Suite

To download plugin version... installer version

PluralEyes 4

PluralEyes 4.1.12

For Frames, Instant 4k, Offload, or PluralEyes 3.5 and older, contact support.

Trapcode Suite

To download plugin version... installer version

3D Stroke 2.7


Form 4.3



Mir 3

Particular 5

Shine 2

Sound Keys

Tao 1.0

Trapcode Suite 16.0.4

Particular 4

Trapcode Suite 15.1.6

For Trapcode Suite 14 or older, contact support.

VFX Suite

To download plugin version... installer version

King Pin Tracker 1.5

Lens Distortion Matcher 1

Optical Glow 1.5

Shadow 1.5

Supercomp 1.5

Reflection 1.5

VFX Suite 1.5.3

King Ping Tracker 1.0

Optical Glow 1.0

Shadow 1.0

Supercomp 1.0

Reflection 1.0

VFX Suite 1.0.7

What if my installer isn't listed in the Maxon App?

If your installer isn't listed in the Maxon App (e.g. older versions, or discontinued products like the Effects Suite 11, Keying Suite, or Shooter Suite installers (which include older versions of PluralEyes)), contact support

  • Note the majority of older products do not work with any of the latest host applications, hardware, and operating systems. This includes M1/M2 Macs, Adobe CC 2021 or later, and Windows 11. You will want to ensure you are working in a compatible environment for your old products before contacting support.
  • The Legacy & Perpetual Products page in the Knowledge Base contains helpful information about the compatibility requirements for many of our legacy products. 

Where can I find my serial numbers?

You can access your Red Giant serials by signing into with your original Red Giant credentials (or setting up a new account under whatever email you'd used for Red Giant), clicking on the "Licenses" page and scrolling down to the Legacy Licenses area. Click on "Manage" to view your serials, and "View Legacy Orders" to view past invoices. 

This section is only visible to users who purchased directly through Red Giant's website before it merged with Maxon, and only when using the exact same email that was originally used for purchasing.

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