Can I install my products into custom file paths?

Doug Y
Doug Y
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  • Maxon App and Red Giant plugins are not compatible running on anything other than the C:\ or Mac HD, and they are not compatible when the host is installed on anything other than C:\ or Mac HD.
    This also includes moving host programs into folders outside of where the plugins/installers are expecting them.
  • Cinema 4D does allow you to install it into custom file paths during the installation process, but there will be some caveats:
    • Cineware integrations in After Effects and Unreal expect Cinema 4D to be in the default path. If C4D is not in its default location, these integrations may not function as expected.
    • A new C4D installation may occur when installing/upgrading After Effects
    • Regardless of the location of the application directory, Cinema 4D will by default create a user directory in the OS user profile location (%APPDATA%/Roaming on Windows, Library/Preferences on Mac).
      • It’s possible to override this location by adding a command line argument, environment variable, or by adjusting config.txt in the Cinema 4D/resources folder to include g_PrefsPath=<path>
    • Cinema 4D also caches Asset Browser content by default to a subfolder of the user profile location (/Maxon/_assetcache).
      • The location of this cache can be managed in the Cinema 4D preferences / Asset Browser page.


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