Universe 6.1 - June 29, 2022

  • Updated

Bug fixes

  • UP-6802 & UP-6786 Fixed instability and crashing issues with AMD cards
  • UP-7192 Fixed crash when adjusting Texture Speed on TexturizeMotion
  • UP-5114 Fixed an issue wherein saving a preset with an apostrophe creates a blank thumbnail
  • UP-7017 Fixed freezing with TypeOn when adding line breaks
  • UP-7080 Fixed clips becoming blank when repositioned in the timeline with Logo Motion applied
  • UP-6973 Fixed Flicker Cut transition not working properly
  • UP-7018 Fixed preview issues with HackerText

Known issues in this release

  • UP-7191 Dashboard and preset browsers sometimes opening blank
  • UP-7314 TypeOn limited to 64 characters

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