PluralEyes 4.1.12 - June 29, 2022

  • Updated

New features and announcements

  • PE-3158 Added compatibility to Vegas Pro 18 and 19
  • PE-3172 Added compatibility to RED Komodo

Bug fixes

  • PE-3306 Fixed import/export issues between PluralEyes and FCP X's latest XML formats
  • PE-3122 Fixed an issue where clicking on track names froze in Catalina and Big Sur
  • PE-3170 Fixed an issue where using the the PPro extension launched different apps on Big Sur
  • PE-3192 Fixed an issue where PluralEyes wouldn't install into Adobe CC 2021
  • PE-3060 Fixed PluralEyes crashing on exit

Known issues in this release

  • PE-3436 FCP X Audio Replaced timelines are not being created
  • PE-3405 RED Raptor is not yet supported
  • PE-3304 XAVC footage from Sony FX3 is not yet supported

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