Magic Bullet 16.1 - June 29, 2022

  • Updated

New features and announcements

  • Looks for C4D now includes Halation and Diffusion
  • Looks for C4D no longer overwrites other installations of MBS on the client machine
  • Looks support in UE 5

Bug fixes

  • MB-6713 Fixed an issue with Analytics - MB Looks only provides rendered event with frame_count = 0  
  • MB-6710 Fixed an issue with Looks 16.1 RC UE5 - nothing gets installed on WIN11
  • MB-6698 Fixed an issue with Looks 16.1 - Can't save presets when Diffusion or Halation is applied
  • MB-6673 Fixed an issue with Looks 16.1 in C4D - Looks OCIO grabs the wrong frame with the wrong gamut
  • MB-6672 Fixed an issue with Looks C4D WIN - applying Diffusion after applying another tool will freeze/crash
  • MB-6666 Fixed an issue with Looks WIN C4D 16.1 - C4D has to be updated with the new DLL name
  • MB-6656 Fixed an issue with Colorista RGL_Render() is called during PF_Cmd_Smart_Pre_Render
  • MB-6642 Fixed an issue with FxPlug4-based plugins are not sending host information to MxService
  • MB-6641 Fixed an issue with Avid based plug-ins are not sending host version numbers
  • MB-6639 Fixed an issue with Windows mbs_plugin projects use the wrong product data implementation file
  • MB-6466 Fixed an issue with MBS 16 – Wrong installation path for Unreal 5


Known issues in this release

  • MB-6736 Looks OCIO - C4D viewport & PV does not match Looks viewport 
  • MB-6581 Looks 16 in UE4/UE5 - Looks grabs the wrong frame with the wrong gamut 


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