VFX 3.1 - June 29, 2022

  • Updated

New features and announcements

  • Tons of performance, stability and bug fixes for Real Lens Flares

Bug fixes

  • VFX-5659 Fixed an issue with Flare rendering was broken (AE & Designer) on older MacBooks
  • VFX-5658 Fixed an issue with Real Lens Flare Designer not rendering or working
  • VFX-5618 Fixed an issue with VFX Real Lens Flare - The Gate Flare blue square is inconsistent and deforms in AE preview
  • VFX-5611 Fixed an issue with Light Rays in Lens Pane not converging at the Image Plane
  • VFX-5610 Fixed an issue with Core Projections thumbnails not rendering after designer relaunch or reset
  • VFX-5608 Fixed an issue with Gate Flare drawing causing problems in AE preview
  • VFX-5535 Fixed an issue on Win: Heavy Rendering using RLF in crashes AE on Mercury cuda
  • VFX-5521 Fixed an issue with gate flare light intersect size not getting resolution scaled properly
  • VFX-5515 Fixed an issue with Save Preset & other dialogs have windows scaling issue and is cut off.
  • VFX-5514 Fixed an issue with Flickering in gate flare
  • VFX-5491 Fixed an issue with Pixel Aspect ratios other than Square are squashed in the Real Lens Flare designer preview
  • VFX-5475 Fixed an issue with VFX Real Lens Flare - MacBook Pro crash when trying to render
  • VFX-5472 Fixed an issue with Real Lens Flare: Halo Sparkle Size param is reversed
  • VFX-5436 Fixed an issue with Real Lens Flare: Deleting Custom Preset from Browser doesn't remove the Thumbnail from Custom directory
  • VFX-5420 Fixed an issue on Win: Real Lens Flare Quality Setting Typo or Display error in ECW
  • VFX-5419 Fixed an issue with Resetting the flare in the Designer doesn't render some core projection thumbnails
  • VFX-5406 Fixed an issue with Apple Funk sound when Renaming Lens Flare Preset
  • VFX-5312 Fixed an issue on Mac running out of system mem while rendering 4k Primatte clip in AE 2022
  • VFX-5260 Fixed an issue with Light source size guide is not centered on the light source - Mac
  • VFX-5225 Fixed an issue with Supercomp throws the error message "ItemH cannot be NULL 5027::20"


Known issues in this release

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