How do I uninstall the Red Giant Application Manager?

Doug Y
Doug Y
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The Red Giant Application Manager is a discontinued, legacy program that would automatically install alongside legacy products. It is no longer maintained or updated, and can be uninstalled from any system without affecting product usability whatsoever (i.e. uninstalling it does not affect licenses, nor will its removal uninstall plugins or other Red Giant products from a machine).

Instructions for Mac

  • Drag the Red Giant Application Manager program from the Applications folder to the trash.
    • You may need to open your Applications folder in a Finder window to complete this action.

Instructions for Windows

  • Go to the Start Menu > Settings > Apps
  • Select Red Giant Application Manager > Uninstall

Residual Files

Uninstalling using either of the two methods above may leave behind residual files in the folders below, which was an intentional behavior designed to help cache login information in the event users wanted to reinstall the Application Manager anytime in the future.

These files do not have any affect if left on the system, nor will removing them have any effect on Red Giant products:

  • Mac:
    /Users/Shared/Red Giant/Red Giant Application Manager/
  • Windows:
    C:\ProgramData\Red Giant\Red Giant App\

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