Maxon App 3.1.2 - July 27, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
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This is a major bug fix update for the Maxon App: this update is focused on licensing issues; we have addressed multiple issues impacting our customers in the past, ranging from floating license issues to render failure and installation and versioning issues.

New Features and Enhancements

  • MA-4736 Adjusted product version displays

  • MA-4723 Adjusted trial download license text

Bug Fixes

  • MA-4720 Fixed a Windows registry issue that would crash the app on launch

  • MA-4706 Fixed an issue with a background service that would crash when opening multiple projects

  • MA-4702 Fixed an issue where C4D/RS would fail to license on Windows after timing out requests

  • MA-4689 Fixed an issue where the Maxon App hangs after installing Redshift to C4D R25 and older

  • MA-4579 Fixed an issue where C4D users were getting logged out multiple times

  • MA-4490 Fixed an issue where RedShift renders fail with "license not found" error

  • MA-4370 Fixed an issue where the Maxon App does not obtain a Floating License

  • MA-4186 Errors no longer shown when successfully uninstalling C4D through the app

  • MA-4789 Fixed an issue where ZBrush installers weren't launching after downloading on Mac

  • MA-4722 Added Mac detection for ZBrush

  • MA-4696 Fixed resource errors when using multiple licenses from the same pool

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