Redeeming ZBrush CD codes

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I purchased a ZBrushCore perpetual license and received a CD code. How do I redeem my code?

You can visit to redeem your CD code for a perpetual license. If you have any issues, please open a support ticket.

I purchased a ZBrushCore subscription or ZBrush perpetual license and received a CD code. How do I redeem this code?

Please open a support ticket and include your code.  We will need to provide you with instructons for how to add ZBrush 2022 to your shopping cart so that you can redeem the code successfully.

This will be a perpetual license for ZBrush 2022.  It will not give you ZBrush 2023 or above.


I have a code for volume or floating Zbrush licenses, but I don’t see those on either site. How can I redeem this code?

Open a support ticket to redeem your code.


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