How to uninstall Cinema 4D on macOS

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At present, Cinema 4D cannot be uninstalled via the Maxon App.


To uninstall Cinema 4D from macOS;

Delete the Maxon Cinema 4D Rxx folder of the version you wish to delete from the Applications folder, and empty your trash. 

To remove your Cinema 4D Preferences folder;

The Preferences folder can be found in your Users Library folder.

The path to this folder is Macintosh HD/User/<username>/Library/Preferences/Maxon

As this folder is hidden, hold down the Option (alt) key and go to the Mac menu Go to and select Library. There you will find the Preferences/Maxon folder.

Move the Cinema 4D Rxx_xxxxxxxx folder to the trash bin.

Alternatively, delete the entire Maxon folder if you do not use a Maxon product additionally.



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