Cinema 4D 2023.0.0 - September 7, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
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For an in-depth look at the new features in Cinema 4D 2023.0, check out:
Rocket Lasso's What's New in Cinema 4D 2023.0 video

New Features


  • Global Symmetry Enable / Disable
  • Symmetry Hub consolidating options for Modeling and Sculpting symmetry
  • Planar Symmetry for Modeling Tools, with support for Object, World, Workplane, Custom Planes
  • Topological Symmetry for Modeling Tools
  • Planar Symmetry for Spline Modifiers
  • Symmetrize Model & Selection

Asset Browser

  • Watch Folders allow linking Asset Browser to any folder
  • Auto-watch for easy access to assets associated with a project
  • Improved sorting and relevance options
  • Show Content of Subcategories collapses folder structure to show assets
  • Additional Search Operators: bitdepth, imagesize, alphachannels, sortby, reverseorder, favoritesfirst, database
  • Auto Filter / Relevance based on active manager
  • Assets store database and name metadata within project so they can be more easily located when missing
  • Project Asset Inspector includes display of additional asset data
  • Improved Database management pane within Asset Browser
  • Database connection and management moved from Preferences to Asset Browser

  • Show in Explorer / Finder for files in the Watch Folders and Databases
  • Significant performance enhancements


  • Soft Body Simulation as part of Unified Simulations
  • Stickiness
  • Rest Length Control
  • Mix Animation via Pins or Force
  • Follow Shape option
  • Dynamic Object-Sided Collision


  • Native OpenColorIO implementation. Colors are stored in Render Space.
  • Use a custom OCIO config or built-in Redshift config with full ACES support
  • Define OpenColorIO colorspaces in Project Settings
  • Utility to convert from Basic to OCIO Color Management, and between OCIO Color Spaces
  • OpenColorIO Colorspace settings for texture maps, Auto mode based on image type
  • Color Chooser allows colors to be chosen in Render or Display Space
  • Redshift uses C4D-native OCIO settings for new projects
  • Unified Color pipeline with Magic Bullet Looks based on current render space (Linear/ACES)

ZBrush Integration - GoZ

  • Smoother Installation Experience
  • Improved Polygroups Workflow: Select Polygroups / Store Polygroups within Cinema 4D
  • Transfer Edge Creasing and auto-create SDS object
  • Transfer Vertex Weight
  • Create Redshift Materials including Vertex Paint, Normals and Displacement
  • Choose between Texture and Polypaint


  • Redshift 3.5.07 included, with support for:
    • Random Walk Subsurface Scattering
    • Volume Anisotropy
    • Stacked Materials:
      • Support for C4D Texture Tag projections and tiling
      • Decal mapping workflow via C4D Texture Tool
      • Additive stacking

General Enhancements

  • Support for procedural (field-based) polygon selection, vertex maps and vertex color on primitives and generators
  • Easily open and select Xpresso tags for driver/driven attributes by Alt-LMB clicking the animation dot
  • Spline Chamfer node
  • Vector Import Object includes Size attribute and can be resized via the Scale tool
  • USD - Export to Layer option
  • Draw Workplane Behind objects

Known Issues / Warnings

  • All Plug-Ins for older versions of Cinema 4D will not run anymore with Cinema 4D 2023 unless they have been adapted from the Plug-In developer.
    Please doublecheck, if your Plug-In vendor can provide you an updated version of it's Plug-Ins, compatible to Cinema 4D 2023.

  • Asset Browser links (in textures and simple Xref) are not backwards compatible to earlier releases, even if the asset is available in the library. Links from Cinema 4D 24-26.1 will translate into 2023, but links from 2023 will appear as broken in 24-26.1.
  • Existing scenes will open in Basic Color Management mode and render as designed. When choosing to convert from Basic Color Management to OCIO, colors may be changed due to differing gamut of color spaces.
  • OCIO conversion of scenes containing Vertex Maps and MoGraph Color may introduce artifacts

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