Why Is My Cinema 4D Asset Browser Empty, Blank, or Missing Assets?

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This issue can sometimes occur due to a corrupt Redshift installation, a corrupt node database, a corrupt asset cache, or a combination of the three. 



Follow these steps to rebuild the node database and reset the asset cache:

  1. Open Cinema 4D:

    • Select Edit > Preferences from the Cinema 4D menu.
    • In the Preferences window, click the "Open Preferences Folder" button, located on the lower left.
  2. Open Preferences Folder:

    • This action will open a File Explorer window (Windows) or a Finder window (Mac) where your Cinema 4D preferences are stored.
    • Close Cinema 4D.
  3. Delete Node Database Folders:

    • Open the preference folder associated with your version of Cinema 4D. For example, if you are using Cinema 4D 2024, look for the Maxon Cinema 4D 2024_******** folder.
    • Locate and delete the "dc" and "description.db" folders.
  4. Delete Asset Cache Folders:

    • While in the preferences folder, move up one folder in the folder hierarchy.
    • Locate and delete the "_assets" and "_assetscache" folders.
  5. Restart Cinema 4D:

    • Restart Cinema 4D to rebuild the node database and reset the asset cache and see if the issue has been resolved.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, reinstalling Redshift can sometimes help.

  1. Reinstall Redshift:
    • You can find the Redshift installer here.
    • Simply click 'Redshift' to expose the links and download the installer.
    • Reinstall Redshift using the latest stand-alone installer.

If the issue has not been resolved after performing the above-mentioned steps, please open a ticket here:


Important Notes:

**If "Open Preferences Folder" does not directly open the preference folder, look for a folder named Maxon Cinema 4D 20**_******* and open this folder.

Also, To prevent confusion, the folders for Team Render, Cineware, c4dpy, and Command Line are Cinema 4D 20**_********_$ where _$ is one of the labels below (note that the Cinema 4D folder has no label):

  1. Cinema 4D: no label
  2. Team Render Client: _c
  3. Team Render Server: _s
  4. Cineware: _w
  5. Command Line _x
  6. c4dpy _p

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