VFX 2023.1.0 - November 9, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated

New Features and Enhancements

  • Real Lens Flares
    • Schmutz adds appearance of grime or dust on the front of the lens.
    • Diffraction adds a rippling appearance and softness to the appearance of lens flare elements.

Bug fixes

  • VFX-5964 Fixed an issue where rendering out a flare would freeze the frame in After Effects
  • VFX-5957 Fixed an issue with tooltips in the Lens Designer
  • VFX-5948 Fixed crashes when exiting After Effects
  • VFX-5937 Fixed an issue where Brightness caused rendering issues with RLF
  • VFX-5921 Fixed an issue where RLF wouldn't render properly with anything other than square pixels
  • VFX-5876 Fixed an issue where dragging parameters in RLF caused sample downsizing.
  • VFX-5846 Fixed an issue with RLF Color Filters when working with HDR colors
  • VFX-5833 Fixed an issue where RLF vignettes were getting cropped
  • VFX-5815 Fixed an issue with RLF Glow Ball being non-responsive.
  • VFX-5814 Fixed an issue where RLF Halo spins wrong direction when Angle is edited
  • VFX-5806 Adjusted the Scale Parameter for RLF to 200%
  • VFX-5760 Fixed RLF Texture browser thumbnails drawing in an oblong manner
  • VFX-5522 Fixed issues between RLF and Mac M1 showing glitchy frame outputs.
  • VFX-845 Fixed a crash wherein Applying glow to an adjustment layer with RLF and turning off all layers under it can crash AE

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