Magic Bullet 2023.1.0 - December 7, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
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New features and announcements

  • All Magic Bullet Looks tools are now updated to fully support ACES mode.
  • Denoiser has been optimized for GPUs

Bug fixes

  • MB-6932 Fixed an issue wherein Looks was sporadically watermarking on output
  • MB-6918 Fixed an issue wherein the LUT Tool would corrupt the ACES Output color profile
  • MB-6915 Fixed a LUT Crash on Windows when switching inputs/outputs
  • MB-6910 Fixed inconsistent Renoiser results
  • MB-6909 Fixed an issue where Highlights/Shadows would double in Resolve
  • MB-6908 Fixed an issue where Looks rendered black frames on output
  • MB-6859 Fixed an issue wherein Denoiser would use fxplug3 not 4 if both are on disk
  • MB-6858 Fixed an issue where Denoiser would crash when animating keyframes
  • MB-6845 Fixed an issue where Looks controls would disappear when resizing the window.
  • MB-6757 Fixed an issue wherein Avid would lock up on quit with MBS plug-ins installed
  • MB-6366 Fixed watermarking issues when exporting through FCPX Compressor.

Known issues in this release

  • MB-6822: Looks crashes AE if About window is open when closing AE
  • MB-6823: Looks has watermark elements behind UI elements
  • Looks doesn't match UE4 color space
  • MB-6824: Denoiser works slower on Macs, will work on Metal Optimization in future release

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