Redshift 3.5.07 (2022.08) - August 25, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated
  • [Max] Fixed issue where Scene States did not apply On/Off state for Redshift lights
  • [Blender] Fixed error in Volume shader created from 'Add Volume & Shader' operator.
  • [RenderView] Fixed various issues related to zoom
  • [All] Fixed bug that could cause a crash when processing single channel textures with an sRGB color space assigned
  • [All] Fixed crash during initialization when an unsupported CUDA device is detected in the system
  • [All] Fixed bug introduced in 3.5.05 that broke transmission single scattering colors
  • [All] Fixed bug introduced in 3.5.06 that could cause overly blurry textures under certain circumstances
  • [Metal] Improved stability to work around asserts like "The SSS sample count computed in these kernels..." and corrupted lighting
  • [RT] Fixed issues with normal map blurriness
  • [RT] Improved SSS quality, no more unreasonably bright pixels.
  • [RT] SSS no longer flickers when moving the camera.

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