Redshift 3.5.06 (2022.08) - August 5, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated
  • [Maya] Fixed issue where connecting a shader into an AOV's "defaultShader" attribute erroneously issued a warning
  • [Maya] The deviceAspect is now correctly calculated during batch rendering
  • [Maya] Due to a bug in Maya 2022 and later, batch renders don't exit so now forcing Maya to exit
  • [Maya] Camera's "focalLength", "filmOffsetX", and "filmOffsetY" and other attributes can now be motion blurred
  • [Maya] Multiple MASH objects with changing input hierarchy now update correctly
  • [Max] Fixed issue that applies incorrect view scaling when re-opening a maximized Render View window
  • [Max] Fixed side-effect introduced in 3.5.01 where having Redshift plugin loaded can break vertex welding in the Symmetry Modifier (since Max 2022)* [Blender] Fixed missing enumerator entry in Standard Material 'ms_mode'
  • [Blender] Fixed error in Standard Material node interface showing & hidden 'Anisotropic' parameter
  • [Blender] Fixed MaterialBlender node interface issue with material input sockets
  • [RT] Reverted some code to fix random crash when NVidia drivers newer than 512.92 are installed
  • [All] Fixed bug that could cause incorrect bump mapping if tri-planar projection nodes are used for bump mapping textures and parameters such as rotation or scale are also textured
  • [All] Fixed bug that could make random walk SSS hang if anisotropy was set to 1
  • [All] Fixed bug that could produce bump-mapping artifacts when seen through very curved surfaces, or subtly poor bump fidelity when seen through reflective or refractive surfaces
  • [All] Fixed issue introduced in 3.5.05 that enabled certain aspects of the SSS GI fixes even with the legacy mode enabled

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