Redshift 3.5.05 (2022.07) - July 26, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated
  • [Maya] When the Rendering Engine is changed in the Globals tab the Hardware Ray-Tracing checkbox is now enabled/disabled correctly
  • [Maya] New scenes will use the new full subsurface scattering GI by default
  • [Maya] Random Walk is now the default SSS mode for new RedshiftStandardMaterials
  • [Maya] Added a warning when a Maya connection is made to a 'closure' attribute
  • [Maya] Fixed bug that resulted in GI trace depth 1 not disabling GI
  • [Maya] Maya joints now have their visibility tracked
  • [Maya] Visible particle systems with a hidden instancer are now rendered as spheres
  • [Maya] A node's LOD Visibility attribute is now taken into account when determining overall visibility
  • [Maya] Particle shapes with arbitrary parent transforms are now supported
  • [Maya] Transformation blur for particles now respects individual nodes' motionBlur attribute
  • [Maya] The updating of AOV output filenames now includes tracking changes to defaultRenderGlobals.imageFilePrefix
  • [Max] RS Standard Material compact UI layout can now be disabled (Advanced Render Setup > System > Local Plugin Options)
  • [Max] When the Rendering Engine is changed in the Globals tab the Hardware Ray-Tracing checkbox is now enabled/disabled correctly
  • [Max] Fixed issue where core preferences do not immediately save when toggling Hybrid Rendering
  • [C4D] Addressed issue where aborting a bake in progess was not possible
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue where curves produced by some third-party generators would not be extracted
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue in the RenderView where some settings were reset when the window reopened
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue with RSFile parameters in R26 where a long filename would overflow the attribute manager
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue in Nodes, where constant Value connections to file or ramp parameters would be ignored
  • [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 19.0.657 and dropped support for 19.0.561
  • [Houdini] Added support for overriding multiple materials to the "instancefile" proxy instancing workflow
  • [Houdini] New 'int rsproxymatlist(string proxyPath, string[] materialsList)' custom VEX function
  • [Houdini] New "Redshift_getProxyMaterialsList" hscript command to get the materials list of any proxy node or file
  • [Houdini] Added support for materials override list to the RS Packed Proxy SOP
  • [Houdini] Minor fixes in the RS USD Material Builder HDA
  • [Houdini] Fixed a problem while rendering high resoltion images (above 12k) to MPlay
  • [Houdini] Fixed a problem related to rendering objects that should continue hidden (due to the display flag or the ROP lists) if edited while the IPR is running
  • [Houdini] Added support for the optional "instancexform" parameter to the Instance OBJ node
  • [Houdini] New options in the RS ROP node, Post Effects tab, to control the Color/PhotographicExposure/PostFX settings of the Viewport IPR rendering
  • [Houdini] Fixed a rare crash while working with the RenderView and Viewport IPRs at the same time
  • [Houdini] Fixed a crash while rendering scenes with camera crop values outside the allowed 0..1 range
  • [Houdini] Automatic update of the RenderView cameras list after adding or renaming camera nodes
  • [Houdini] Fixed a problem with the integer attributes mesh data introduced in the previous build
  • [Houdini] Fixed a problem while instancing procedurals
  • [Houdini] Added full support for the Alembic procedural "objectPath", "objectExclude" and "objectPattern" parameters
  • [Houdini] Added support for instancing the Alembic procedural objects, including support for user data
  • [Houdini] Added support for material mapping to the Alembic procedural from the "path" and "shop_materialpath" primitive attributes.
  • [Houdini] Added support for facesets material mapping to the Alembic procedural, using the Alembic SOP's (or the parent OBJ's) "Remap Attributtes" multiparm
  • [Houdini] Added support for tracesets to the Alembic procedural
  • [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 19.0.657 and dropped support for 19.0.561
  • [Hydra] Automatic updating of the animated Houdini vdb primitives in the viewport
  • [Hydra] New render geometry settings LOP "Animated Volume" option to disable the viewport auto update of the static Houdini vdb objects, improving the scene extraction time
  • [Hydra] Fixed a couple of issues in the Redshift LOP
  • [Hydra] Added the "Render All Frames With a Single Process" option to the Redshift LOP
  • [Katana] Improved Katana management of failed renders due to license fails or other issues
  • [Blender] Fixed 'NoneType' error checking the changed lights in IPR mode
  • [Blender] Fixed crash with 'Deep output' render because a bad cleanup on a previous 'Cryptomatte' pass buffer
  • [Blender] Fixed matrix update issue with Dome Light in IPR mode
  • [RT] Added a switch to disable secondary ray denoising in Redshift RT
  • [RT] Fixed several crashes related to Hair.
  • [RT] Added support for redshiftCmdLine rendering
  • [RT] Fixed tremendously long shader compilation times for some materials based on Maxon noises. Further improvements are work in progress.
  • [RT] Fixed a crash running an animation in RV
  • [RT] Potentially fixed a bug that caused materials to mix up randomly.
  • [All] IMPORTANT: Removed support for Kepler-generation NVidia GPUs; more info here:
  • [All] Added support for anisotropic phase for volumes; global fog now uses an improved phase function which can be disabled via a new legacy option
  • [All] Added support for random walk SSS; more info here:
  • [All] Improved energy compensation for new Standard Material dielectric materials
  • [All] Enabled SSS GI, which can be disabled via a new legacy option
  • [All] Fixed ancient bug that would cause ray-traced SSS indirect/GI back-lighting to be missing; more info here:
  • [All] Fixed ancient bug that could cause point-based SSS to crash in bizarre ways during the SSS point gathering stage
  • [All] Fixed bug that would cause thin-walled back-lighting to be missing when using Lambertian Spheres diffuse model
  • [All] Fixed an issue where a compilation of point clouds and proxies could produce wrong results (objects rendering at the center of the scene or not rendering at all)
  • [All] Fixed bug introduced in 3.5.00 that would cause point particles with refraction to render black
  • [All] Fixed bug introduced in 3.5.00 that could cause sheen reflections to appear too bright
  • [All] Fixed rare crash that could occur when rendering with ray-traced diffusion SSS
  • [All] Fixed bug introduced with OCIO support that could produce garbage dome light sampling when the dome light texture is in sRGB color space

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