Redshift 3.5.02 (2022.05) - May 4, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
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This build includes plugins for Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Katana and Blender
Redshift 3.0.64+ uses Optix 7.4 which requires NVidia driver version 495 or higher on Windows and Linux
Redshift 3.0.45+ requires macOS Big Sur 11.3 or higher. If you get unexpected "License Mismatch" errors, you need to update your macOS

Click here for online documentation (including setup instructions) Click here for Trello page (to see what devs are currently working on)

• [Maya] A DLL is correctly qualified as an Extension if the new ExportNode() function is implemented and PreExport() and Export() functions aren't
• [Maya] Fixed issue where after recompiling an OSL shader the changes weren't reflected in the next render
• [Maya] Fixed issue where rendering XGen IGS caused a crash
• [Maya] Changes to the renderDensityMultiplier attribute on an IGS node are
updated in IPR
• [C4D] Improved image drag-and-drop in Nodes so that the new texture node
inherits the name from the image file
• [C4D] Addressed issue where an already cached material preview would be re-
• [Houdini] Improved USD output VOP node that can also be used in the main
plugin to let the user build materials compatible in both Houdini and Solaris
without needing two outputs
• [Houdini] New "REDSHIFT_ENABLE_AUTORESETCOLORSPACE" env. variable to
control the reset of the not available color spaces to "Auto" in the VOP nodes
• [Houdini] Default Redshift Standard Material created inside the material builder
• [Houdini] Fixed several warnings reported while cooking nodes like the
Filecache SOP
• [Houdini] Fixed a problem with the RenderView scale factor parameter while
working with render maps
• [Hydra] Fixed a problem in the viewport camera updating introduced in the previous version
• [Hydra] Final fix for the crash when rendering and handle is visible related to the
selection buffers
• [Hydra] Fixed a crash while rendering scenes in DebugVerbose log mode
• [Blender] Added support for the new 'Standard Material'
• [Blender] Added support for the new 'Material Layer' and 'IOR To Metal Tints'
• [Blender] Fixed a error in animated camera when is rendered from Blender
command line
• [All] Fixed a crash in OpenImageIO caused by PSD files with non-raster layers

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