Redshift 3.5.03 (2022.05) - May 25, 2022

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated
  • [Maya] Added support for Maya 2023
  • [Maya] Fixed "Hybrid Rendering" GUI issue
  • [Maya] OSL shader parameters that used ":" and "-" in the "string page=" property description are now handled
  • [Maya] Fixed issue where having Deformation Blur Steps > 2 causes mesh hair generation to crash
  • [Max] Added support for rendering cached mesh with Fluid Loader object
  • [Max] Potential fix for crash on shutdown after Redshift plugin has been unloaded
  • [C4D] Improved image drag-and-drop in Nodes so that the new texture node inherits the name from the image file
  • [C4D] Addressed issue where an already cached material preview would be re-rendered
  • [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 19.0.622 and dropped support for 19.0.531
  • [Houdini] (WIP) Fixed a crash/freeze on exit if Redshift is not initialized
  • [Houdini] New "Redshift_RVStartStop" and "Redshift_RVRender" hscript commands
  • [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 19.0.622 and dropped support for 19.0.531
  • [Hydra] Fixed a problem with the velocity motion blur with varying point counts
  • [Hydra] Fixed a problem while working with "vel.x", "vel.y" and "vel.z" velocity grids in Houdini vdb primitives
  • [Katana] Added support of overscan and live rendering data to the custom display drivers
  • [Blender] Added support for multiple UV maps, vertex colors and tangents data (feature request)
  • [Blender] Fixed tiled texture error because UDIM tag in Blender image file path (bug report)
  • [All] Enabled Round Corners feature for CPU rendering
  • [All] Fixed a Redshift CPU crash on shutdown when not fully initialized
  • [All] Fixed bug that could cause random crashes for certain materials, bug introduced in 3.0.67
  • [All] Fixed new Standard Material bug that would prevent transmission from working in conjunction with SSS
  • [All] New diffuse model 'Lambertian Spheres' now supports back-faced lighting

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