Redshift 3.0.55 (2021.09) - September 14, 2021

Doug Y
Doug Y
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Release Notes
IMPORTANT NOTE! Version 3.0.46 introduced new color management features that in certain cases may change the look of existing scenes. See:
IMPORTANT NOTE! Version 3.0.46 introduced filtering changes which might slightly change the look of renders for some 3d apps. See:

  • [Maya] All RS Lights now support "reflectionRayContributionScale" and "transmissionRayContributionScale"
  • [Maya] All RS Lights' attributes "affectsDiffuse" "affectsSpecular" "glossyRayContributionScale" have been deprecated
  • [Maya] Fixed issue where switching proxy material mode back and forth between "From Proxy and "From Scene" didn't use the correct material
  • [Maya] Upgrading of scenes using older Legacy Render Layers now works
  • [Maya] A text string can be prepended to all metadata names prior to saving into a image
  • [Maya] Setting RV's Display Name via the GUI now sets Maya's Display Name correctly
  • [Maya] Further speed improvements for change tracking
  • [Maya] When a render layer with a child collection is active and a new object is created/duplicated updating is now almost instantaneous
  • [Maya] Added token substitution previewing in all the metadata string fields and the render's filename prefix field
  • [Maya] New RS tokens can be used in the render's filename prefix
  • [Maya] Added rsTokens command for querying and subtituting tokens
  • [Maya] Added support for many more predefined tokens as well as RS option tokens <rsopt=> and environment variable tokens <env=>
  • [Maya] Curve Sets now respect render layer overrides
  • [Maya] When Maya doesn't support Color Management you can use the $OCIO environment variable to set the OCIO config file path
  • [Max] Support "Modified Advanced Settings" list in Render Settings / Basic mode
  • [Max] Added support for OSL "colorspace" widget type
  • [Max] Fixed bug where mesh flags in object properties were not applied correctly when instancing
  • [Max] Fixed a crash switching to another renderer when the Render Settings are in Advanced mode
  • [Max] Added missing UI for SSS Override Mode option
  • [Max] Moved SSS Enabled render option to SSS render settings
  • [Houdini] Addressed the behavior of the RenderView "Render" button to disable the IPR mode, improving the rendering performance
  • [Houdini] Fixed a crash if the bypass flag was enabled in a VOP node connected to other nodes including multiple outputs
  • [Houdini] Updated RS Light node including the new reflection and transmission contribution scale params, and removing the affect diffuse/specular and glossy contribution scale params
  • [Katana] Fixed a bug related to the textures rendering while using custom AOVs
  • [Katana] New fix related to the instance source xform incorrect behaviour in the instance arrays
  • [Katana] Updated RSLight shader including the new reflection and transmission contribution scale params, and removing the affect diffuse/specular and glossy contribution scale params
  • [Hydra] Added support for the pixel aspect ratio render setting
  • [Hydra] Updated the Light LOP node RS params including the transmission contribution scale, and removing the deprecated affect diffuse/specular
  • [Blender] Fixed issue when the Blender 'config.ocio' loaded file don't match with the Redshift custom OCIO file
  • [Blender] Added versioning file to automatically update some items(i.e. scenes saved with OSL nodes)
  • [Blender] Added 'arrow' icons in Environment and OSL nodes tab labels
  • [All] Fixed recently introduced bug that could cause corrupt/wrong absorption/scattering, bug introduced in 3.0.53

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