Using ZBrush and Moving to Maxon App

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When accessing your Maxon ZBrush subscription license or perpetual license, please make sure you have both Maxon App 2023.0 (or newer) and ZBrush 2022.0.5 (or newer) installed.


Note: This includes all subscription licenses.  For perpetual licenses, it only applies to those that were purchased directly from Maxon.  Perpetual licenses purchased from Pixologic remain what we call legacy licenses until such time as you might purchase an upgrade or switch to a subscription. purchases of ZBrush subscriptions and perpetual licenses require Maxon App as of at least ZBrush version 2022.0.5 to be installed and logged into with the account that purchased the ZBrush license.


ZBrush versions prior to 2022.0.5 are not compatible with Maxon App and thus are not able to be licensed via a ZBrush license.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Maxon Support via a support ticket and we can assist you further.

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